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We deliver extraordinary marketing programs with strategic and tactical elements that are creative & effective for small- to medium-size businesses.

First and foremost, we listen. Then we align strategic marketing initiatives with your important business objectives. Moreover, it’s all about executing tactical plans and effective programs that drive top-line revenue growth. Meanwhile, you are able to focus on your business operations, employees and customers.

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We Deliver Unique Marketing Programs Helping Your Business Grow

Firstly, we have a long history developing and executing diverse strategic plans and initiatives. In addition, we have been creating everything from tactical one-off digital display ads, to full-blown SEO/SEM, demand generation campaigns, and PR and Social Media plans. Not to mention, videography and video production for company overviews, customer testimonials or case studies.  ‘We’ can surf it all!

Deliver Extraordinary Marketing Programs

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First, we build strategies from your specific business objectives. Next, we listen to and leverage your valuable input throughout the development and creative process. Lastly, propose plans that are simple, yet effective.

Web Design

Before designing or coding websites, prior steps need to establish and prioritize target audiences and analyze any business intelligence you can provide to help us help you meet your company goals. Lastly, we develop and provide guidance on appropriate designs..

Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing? Simply put, our goal is to drive traffic to your businesses' products or services, as well as to your website for information that customers find relevant. All through compelling stories to engage them on their terms.

Social Media

Going beyond your Facebook page. Let us integrate all your social media platforms to drive traffic to your website or to your front door.


Search Engine Optimization allows your site to appear at the top of search result pages. Who goes to a second page of Search Engine Result Pages?

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay-per-Click is both 'art and science.' Search Engine Marketing (SEM) complements organic search (SEO). Huh?... lots of acronyms. Don't worry!

Graphic Design

From logo design to full-page ads or animated digital display ads. Need a brochure or product catalog? We are here!

Digital Marketing

Digital complemented by traditional marketing methods provide the best RoMI. Find out what RoMI is . . .


You need help analyzing customer information, crunching sales data or mapping sales territories?

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Well, the answer depends on what your business challenge or objective is, so there is no one good answer to this question. With that, the best answers to this question is asking a different set of specific questions. Learn more

Before you ask this, you should be asking whether your target audience is on any specific platform. Accordingly, find out where your prospective customers are spending their time before deciding to join the hottest fad or every social media network.

By good, if you mean “relevant” content which resonates with your target audience, is absent of jargon, yet uses vernacular familiar with your industry – then yes!

Fast is a relevant term; however, many marketing programs can be measured in days and weeks; while others take many months. It depends on the current sales cycles in your business. Consumers want instant gratification, while some B2B multi-million dollar sales opportunities take 1-2 years to consummate.

So many misconceptions about print, from brochures to direct mail. Emphatically, print must be part of your digital marketing strategy. Evidently, Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI) is actually higher than many digital tactics.
In short, as a member of the American Marketing .Association, I’ve been awarded finalist status twice for what is now AMA Rochester’s Pinnacle awards. And a recent winner in their direct mail category. Some of the criteria include creativity, program results, uniqueness and overall effectiveness

Yes, from listening as a consultant, to creating and developing strategic and tactical plans for products, complex technical/software services in B2B, to launching consumer (B2C) products. And everything in between from logo design, branding, brochure design, writing, videography and video-editing services.

iPromotions offers other services related to marketing, including but not limited to: webhosting, website domain registrations, business research, sales territory mapping, geo-coding among others.

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We Deliver Extraordinary Marketing Programs. The Face Behind Your Future Success.

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